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Judge Wiles Opinions

In Re: 17-01021-mew Jil Mazer-Marino, Chapter 7 Trustee v. Levi 2017-12-11

Memorandum Opinion signed on 12/11/2017 Regarding Chapter 7 Trustee's Action Objecting to the Debtor's Discharge (related document(s)1). Pursuant to11 U.S.C. §§ 727(a)(2) and 727(a)(4)(A), Levi is not entitled to a discharge of his debts.

In Re: 14-11779-mew Haimil Realty Corp. 2017-12-08

Opinion signed on 12/8/2017 Regarding Objections to Final Fee Applications of Pick & Zabicki LLP and Glenn Backer (related document(s)198, 183, 187). Conference scheduled for 12/12/2017 at 10:00 AM at Courtroom 617 (MEW).

In Re: 17-10751-mew Westinghouse Electric Company LLC, et al., 2017-10-27

Decision signed on 10/27/2017 regarding proposed confidentiality order governing documents and other material provided by Toshiba corporation to the Statutory Unsecured Claimholders' Committee (related document(s)1614, 1532).

In Re: 12-14099-mew The First Union Baptist Church of Bronx and 2064 Grand Concourse LLC 2017-08-04

Memorandum Opinion signed on 8/4/2017 RE: First Union Baptist Church of the Bronx's motion for declaratory judgment and other requested relief (related document(s)90, 69).

In Re: 15-10694-mew Blue Dog at 399 Inc. 2017-07-21

Bench Decision signed on 7/21/2017 regarding motions by Seyfarth Shaw lLP to withdraw as counsel, to assert a retaining lien, and to enforce a purported settlement regarding the foregoing (related document(s)100, 99, 98).