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Judge Wiles Opinions

In Re: 20-10990-mew The Northwest Company LLC 2020-11-20

Bench Decision signed on 11/20/2020 granting motion to convert cases to chapter 7 (related document(s)336).

In Re: 19-01029-mew Blue Dog at 399 Inc. v. Seyfarth Shaw LLP et al 2020-10-30

Decision signed on 10/30/2020 granting in part, and denying in part, plaintiff's motion to amend its complaint (related document(s)65).

In Re: 20-01085-mew Tapmasters Hoboken, LLC v. Blackrock Millwork Company, LLC 2020-10-28

Decision signed on 10/28/2020 regarding claim for prejudgment interest on default judgment (related document(s)1).

In Re: 20-12094-mew Condado Plaza Acquisition LLC 2020-10-09

Amended Decision signed on 10/9/2020 Holding That Purchase and Sale Agreement Terminated Prior to the Petition Date and Terminating Temporary Restraining Order in Removed Action (related document(s)11, 40, 39).

In Re: 20-12094-mew Condado Plaza Acquisition LLC 2020-10-05

Decision signed on 10/5/2020 holding that purchase and sale agreement terminated prior to the petition date (related document(s)11).