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E-Filing Instructions and Filing Information

Professional Fees

Proofs of Claim

Amending Social Security Number

Motion to Withdraw the Reference

Notice of Removal

Pro Hac Vice

Obtaining List of Notice of Appearances Filed

Credit Card Payments on ECF

  • Internet Credit Card Instructions
  • Please be advised that, as of February 1, 2007, ECF filers using their credit cards to pay filing fees (while on ECF) must complete the security code field to complete the transaction. Filers should place in this new field the three or four digit number that usually appears in fine print on the front or back of their credit cards. For more information, click on the "Help finding your security code" link next to the security code field.

Relief from Stay/Adequate Protection-Real Estate and Coop Apartments

Loss Mitigation

Unclaimed Funds

Summons for Adversary Proceeding

Summons to Debtor in Involuntary Case