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Judge Wiles Opinions

In Re: 16-01058-mew Geron v. Craig et al 2019-05-30

Memorandum Opinion After Trial signed on 5/30/2019.

In Re: 18-10657-mew Manhattan Jeep Chrysler Dodge, Inc. 2019-05-15

Decision signed on 5/15/2019 regarding objections to confirmation of Debtors' proposed plan of liquidation (related document(s)194, 181, 195).

In Re: 17-12899-mew Hans Futterman 2019-04-24

Decision signed on 4/24/2019 regarding certain asserted objections to claim 3-2 of RWNIH-DL 122nd St 1, LLC (related document(s)66).

In Re: 18-13374-mew Aegean Marine Petroleum Network Inc. 2019-04-08

Bench Decision signed on 4/8/2019 denying request for imposition of nonconsenal third-party releases in connection with confirmation of a proposed plan of reorganization (related document(s)482).

In Re: 18-10657-mew Manhattan Jeep Chrysler Dodge, Inc. 2019-04-03

Bench Decision signed on 4/3/2019 regarding motion by Local 868 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Pension Fund for permission to file late claim (related document(s)141, 165, 140).