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Judge Wiles Opinions

In Re: 17-01240-mew Sean Southard, as Plan Administrator of the Amende v. BARRETT et al 2019-11-15

Report and Recommendation Regarding Pretrial Motions signed on 11/15/2019.

In Re: 17-10751-mew Westinghouse Electric Company LLC, et al., 2019-09-19

Decision signed on 9/19/2019 regarding objections to administrative expense claims asserted by Toshiba Corporation and its affiliates (related document(s)3742).

In Re: 19-01100-mew Brown v. Davis 2019-08-16

Written Opinion signed on 8/16/2019. Decision Concerning Debtor's Place of Residence. (related document(s)3)

In Re: 19-01022-mew Bagbag v. Summa Capital Corp. 2019-08-01

Decision signed on 8/1/2019 denying motion to vacate judgment (related document(s)14).

In Re: 19-01109-mew Westinghouse Electric Company LLC, as reorganized v. South Carolina Public Service Authority 2019-07-29

Decision signed on 7/29/2019 denying motion to dismiss (related document(s)5).