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Judge Chapman Opinions

In Re: 10-03547-scc Lehman Brothers Special Financing Inc. v. Bank of America National Association et al 2015-08-24

Written Opinion. Memorandum Decision signed on 8/24/2015. (related document(s)845)

In Re: 12-12707-scc SLS Capital S.A. 2015-07-20

Modified Bench Decision Granting the Foreign Representative's Motion for an Order Granting Comity to the Luxembourg District Court's October 23, 2014 Order (Related Doc 37) signed on 7/20/2015

In Re: 08-01420-scc Lehman Brothers Inc. 2015-06-02

Memorandum Decision Sustaining Trustee's Objection to Proof of Claim Number 8002386 Filed by Ralph Harary (Related Doc 10142) signed on 6/2/2015

In Re: 14-02392-scc Lehman Brothers Holding Inc. v. Hometrust Mortgage Company 2015-05-07

Memorandum Decision Denying Motion to Dismiss signed on 5/7/2015

In Re: 13-01346-scc Capital Business Credit LLC v. Sharma 2014-11-04

Memorandum Decision Granting Summary Judgment signed on 11/4/2014 (related document(s)15)