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Judge Wiles Opinions

In Re: 24-10021-mew Hudson 888 Owner LLC 2024-03-15

Decision signed on 3/15/2024 denying motion to dismiss the Debtors' chapter 11 cases or, in the alternative, for relief from the automatic stay (related document(s)65).

In Re: 23-10627-mew Peggy Nestor 2024-03-13

Decision signed on 3/13/2024 granting motion for the appointment of a chapter 11 trustee (related document(s)95, 102, 98).

In Re: 22-10946-mew Odonata Ltd. 2024-02-22

Decision signed on 2/22/2024 regarding purported escrow account (related document(s)60, 56, 70).

In Re: 23-11551-mew VPC Impact Acquisition Holdings II and Alexander Lawson 2024-02-02

Rulings signed on 2/2/2024 with respect to application of automatic stay to pending District Court action and proposed extension of stay to non-debtor parties to the District Court action (related document(s)3, 17, 21).

In Re: 20-10418-mew JCK Legacy Company et, al. 2024-01-19

Decision signed on 1/19/2024 denying motion by Alberto Colt-Sarmiento for appointment of counsel (related document(s)1569, 1570).