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Judge Lane Opinions

In Re: 22-07029-shl Ascent Pharmaceuticals, Inc. v. Purdue Pharma L.P. et al 2024-06-14

Memorandum Of Decision Signed On 6/14/2024, Re: Motion To Dismiss Adversary Proceeding Complaint (related document(s)16, 19, 17)

In Re: 20-23280-shl 85 Flatbush RHO Mezz LLC 2024-06-12

Memorandum Of Decision Signed On 6/12/2024, Re: Motion To Make Claim Against Appeal Bond No. 800131886 (related document(s)370, 312, 383, 387, 371)

In Re: 23-10063-shl Genesis Global Holdco, LLC 2024-05-17

Memorandum Of Decision Signed On 5/17/2024, Re: (1) Debtors Motion For Entry Of An Order Approving A Settlement Agreement Between The Debtors And The New York State Office Of The Attorney General And (2) Confirmation Of The Debtors Amended Joint Chapter 11 Plan (related document(s)1392, 1275)

In Re: 23-07004-shl AIG Europe, S.A. et al v. Sears Holding Corporation et al 2024-04-03

Memorandum Of Decision Signed On 4/3/2024, Re: Plaintiffs' Motion For Preliminary Injunction And; Defendant Santa Rosa Mall, LLC's Cross-Motion To Transfer Venue (related document(s)2, 17, 24, 30, 19)

In Re: 20-01054-shl Levin v. Javeri et al 2024-02-08

Memorandum Of Decision Signed On 2/8/2024, Regarding Motions For Attachment (Redacted)(related document(s)107)