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Judge Chapman Opinions

In Re: 11-02225-scc TV Tokyo Corporation et al v. 4Kids Entertainment, Inc. 2011-12-29

Post-Trial Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law signed on 12/29/2011.

In Re: 10-16696-scc Ahamad Aziz 2011-11-18

Memorandum Decision Granting (A) Debtor's Motion to Determine the Value of and Void the Junior Lien of Bank of America on Debtor's Primary Residence and (B) Debtor's Objection to Claim Number 9 signed on 11/18/2011.

In Re: 10-15973-scc Ambac Financial Group, Inc. 2011-09-23

Bench Decision Approving Settlement Stipulation and Insurer Agreement signed on 9/23/2011. (related document(s)[558])

In Re: 10-13800-scc Innkeepers USA Trust 2011-04-01

Bench Decision (A) Denying Certificateholder Standing and (B) Granting Debtors' Bidding Procedures Motion signed on 4/1/2011.

In Re: 10-13800-scc Innkeepers USA Trust 2010-12-20

Bench Decision Denying Debtors' Motion to Assume Plan Support Agreement signed on 12/20/2010 (related document(s)[15]).