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Judge Chapman Opinions

In Re: 14-13254-scc 199 East 7th Street LLC 2017-01-18

Decision and Order Granting Chapter 7 Trustee's Request to Direct the United States Marshals to Take David Carlebach into Custody and Hold Him in Their Custody Until Such Time as He Purges His Civil Contempt signed on 1/18/2017

In Re: 15-11835-scc Sabine Oil & Gas Corporation 2016-08-18

Memorandum Decision signed on 8/18/2016 Confirming Debtor's Second Amended Joint Chapter 11 Plan of Reorganization of Sabine Oil & Gas Corporation and Its Debtor Affiliates. (related document(s)1359)

In Re: 10-03547-scc Lehman Brothers Special Financing Inc. v. Bank of America National Association et al 2016-06-28

Memorandum Decision on Omnibus Motion of the Noteholder Defendants to Dismiss the Fourth Amended Complaint signed on 6/28/2016 (related document(s)1195)

In Re: 15-11835-scc Sabine Oil & Gas Corporation 2016-06-15

Memorandum Decision and Order on (I) Motions for Stay Pending Appeal and (II) Expedited Requests for Certification of Orders for Direct Appeal signed on 6/15/2016

In Re: 16-01042-scc Sabine Oil & Gas Corporation v. HPIP Gonzales Holdings, LLC 2016-05-03

Memorandum Decision on (I) Motions of Nordheim Eagle Ford Gathering, LLC and HPIP Gonzales Holdings, LLC for Judgment on the Pleadings and (II) Debtors' Omnibus Motion for Summary Judgment signed on 5/3/2016