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Judge Chapman Opinions

In Re: 16-01042-scc Sabine Oil & Gas Corporation v. HPIP Gonzales Holdings, LLC 2016-05-03

Memorandum Decision on (I) Motions of Nordheim Eagle Ford Gathering, LLC and HPIP Gonzales Holdings, LLC for Judgment on the Pleadings and (II) Debtors' Omnibus Motion for Summary Judgment signed on 5/3/2016

In Re: 15-11835-scc Sabine Oil & Gas Corporation 2016-04-21

Bench Decision on Motion for Stay Pending Appeal signed on 4/21/2016 (related document(s)939)

In Re: 15-11835-scc Sabine Oil & Gas Corporation 2016-03-31

Bench Decision on Motions for Leave, Standing, and Authority to Commence and Prosecute Certain Claims and Causes of Action on Behalf of the Debtors' Estate signed on 3/31/2016 (related document(s)521, 518, 609)

In Re: 15-11835-scc Sabine Oil & Gas Corporation 2016-03-08

Bench Decision on Debtors' Omnibus Motion to Authorize Rejection of Certain Executory Contracts signed on 3/8/2016 (related document(s)371)

In Re: 08-13555-scc Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. 2015-12-29

Memorandum Decision Granting Plan Administrator's Motion for Summary Judgment Regarding Claim 67707 filed by Spanish Broadcasting System, Inc. signed on 12/29/2015 (related document(s)50032)