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Judge Wiles Opinions

In Re: 21-01000-mew Deborah J. Piazza, as Chapter 7 Trustee of George v. Pacific Maritime Industries Corp. 2022-05-25

Decision signed on 5/25/2022 denying cross-motions for summary judgment (related document(s)13, 12, 20, 18).

In Re: 21-01136-mew IIG Global Trade Finance Fund Limited (in Official v. Valley National Bank et al 2022-05-17

Decision signed on 5/17/2022 regarding pending motion and cross-motion for summary judgment(related document(s)50, 31, 38, 49). The parties are directed to confer and to appear at a conference on May 24, 2022 at 10:00 am.

In Re: 20-12117-mew Cosmoledo, LLC 2022-04-27

Bench Decision signed on 4/27/2022 approving class action settlement, approving attorneys' fees, approving a portion of a financial advisor's fees, and denying a proposed service fee (related document(s)445, 415, 470).

In Re: 20-10418-mew JCK Legacy Company et, al. 2022-03-03

Decision signed on 3/3/2022 deeming claims by Alberto Colt-Sarmiento to have been timely filed, ruling that such claims are general unsecured claims and have no secured or priority status, and overruling and denying other objections and requests for relief made by Mr. Colt-Sarmiento (related document(s)1194, 1323, 1311, 1228, 1216, 754, 1360, 1291, 1326, 1215, 930).

In Re: 09-10156-mew Tronox Incorporated 2022-03-03

Decisions signed on 3/3/2022 as to pending motions for reconsideration of this Court's March 10, 2021 decisions and subsequent orders denying certain pending motions by tort claimants for relief from the 2009 bar date, and as to those motions for bar date relief as to which the Court permitted supplement submissions (related document(s)9505, 9506, 9507, 9504, 9502, 9498, 9503).