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Judge Wiles Opinions

In Re: 17-10751-mew Westinghouse Electric Company LLC, et al., 2017-10-27

Decision signed on 10/27/2017 regarding proposed confidentiality order governing documents and other material provided by Toshiba corporation to the Statutory Unsecured Claimholders' Committee (related document(s)1614, 1532).

In Re: 12-14099-mew The First Union Baptist Church of Bronx and 2064 Grand Concourse LLC 2017-08-04

Memorandum Opinion signed on 8/4/2017 RE: First Union Baptist Church of the Bronx's motion for declaratory judgment and other requested relief (related document(s)90, 69).

In Re: 15-10694-mew Blue Dog at 399 Inc. 2017-07-21

Bench Decision signed on 7/21/2017 regarding motions by Seyfarth Shaw lLP to withdraw as counsel, to assert a retaining lien, and to enforce a purported settlement regarding the foregoing (related document(s)100, 99, 98).

In Re: 16-11874-mew The Culture Project, Inc. 2017-07-11

Memorandum Decision signed on 7/11/2017 regarding motion by Subculture, LLC for partial dismissal of the amended complaint and motion by the Culture Project, Inc. to compel use and occupancy payments or, alternatively, for permission to reject a sublease (related document(s)23).

In Re: 17-11413-mew Mood Media Corporation, et al., and Michael F. Zendan II 2017-06-29

Errata Order signed on 6/29/2017 RE: Bench Decision regarding petitions for recognition of foreign proceedings, recognition of
foreign representative, and related relief under chapter 15 of the Bankruptcy Code (see opinion document #43).