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Judge Morris Opinions

In Re: 18-09023-cgm Rosenberg v. NY State Higher Education Services Corportion et al 2020-01-07

Memorandum Decision Granting Summary Judgment in Favor of the Plaintiff and Discharging Debtor's Student Loans (Related Doc 44) signed on 1/7/2020.

In Re: 18-01639-cgm CITY OF NEW YORK v. Matamoros et al 2019-08-02

Memorandum Decision Denying Plaintiff's Motion for Summary Judgment and Denying in Part and Granting in Part Debtors' Motion for Summary Judgment signed on 8/2/2019.

In Re: 19-09009-cgm Fuller et al v. Rea 2019-07-29

Memorandum Decision Granting Summary Judgment and Finding the Employment Discrimination Judgment Non-Dischargeable Under Section 523(A)(6) for "Willful and Malicious Injury" signed on 7/29/2019. (related document(s)8)

In Re: 17-36804-cgm Charles L. Walker, III and Margit H Walker 2018-08-06

Memorandum Decision Granting Motion to Bifurcate and Void signed on 8/6/2018.

In Re: 82-11656-cgm Johns-Manville Corporation Et. Al. 2018-01-24

Memorandum Decision Following Remand from The District Court On Marsh USAs Motion To Enforce The Confirmation Order And Injunction signed on 1/24/2018.