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Judge Morris Opinions

In Re: 13-36516-cgm Jose O. Morales and Carmen M. Morales 2014-03-11

Memorandum Decision signed on 3/11/2014 Denying Motion to Approve Loan Modification and Reduce Claim in Part and Granting in Part.

In Re: 09-16365-cgm Northern New England Telephone Operations LLC 2014-02-11

Memorandum decision signed on 2/11/2014 denying the City of Concord's motion for allowance and payment of tax claims.

In Re: 13-35085-cgm John H Garland and Jean H Garland 2013-11-15

Memorandum Decision Granting Motion to Reopen Case signed on 11/15/2013.

In Re: 12-37161-cgm Richard Shen 2013-11-15

Memorandum Decision Denying Motion to Vacate signed on 11/15/2013.

In Re: 13-35317-cgm Samye Issa 2013-11-15

Memorandum Decision signed on 11/15/2013 Granting Objection to Homestead Exemption and Denying Motion to Avoid Judicial Lien.