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Judge Morris Opinions

In Re: 12-35778-cgm Joseph V. Cahill and Helen G. Cahill 2012-09-25

Memorandum Decision signed on 9/25/2012 on Application to Employ Special Counsel.

In Re: 12-36302-cgm Tomas Burgos, Jr. 2012-08-03

Memorandum Decision Dismissing Debtor's Chapter 13 Case signed on 8/3/2012. (related document(s)11)

In Re: 11-09055-cgm Basile v. Spagnola 2012-06-18

Memorandum decision signed on 6/18/2012 granting plantiff's motion for summary judgment.

In Re: 10-09091-cgm Fraleigh v. Fraleigh 2012-06-12

Memorandum Decision signed on 6/12/2012 Denying Objection to Discharge.

In Re: 11-38245-cgm Stephen J Velichko and Roberta L Velichko 2012-06-12

Memorandum Decision signed on 6/12/2012 Holding Quorum Federal Credit Union in Contempt for Violating the Automatic Stay.