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Judge Wiles Opinions

In Re: 09-01198-mew Tronox Incorporated et al v. Anadarko Petroleum Corporation et al 2021-02-17

Bench Decision signed on 2/17/2021 denying motion to reopen chapter 11 case and adversary proceeding (related document(s)701, 686).

In Re: 20-11460-mew CORFU 77, CORP. 2021-02-03

Decision signed on 2/3/2021 denying Debtor's motion for a stay, pending appeal, of this Court's order entered January 28, 2021 (related document(s)48).

In Re: 12-10202-mew Eastman Kodak Company 2020-12-04

Decision signed on 12/4/2020 (I) Granting Motion to Reopen the Chapter 11 Case of Eastman Kodak Company, (II) Denying Motion to Enjoin Certain State Court Proceedings Against Ridge Construction Corporation, and (III) Directing that the Case be Re-Closed (related document(s)6732, 6731).

In Re: 20-10990-mew The Northwest Company LLC 2020-11-20

Bench Decision signed on 11/20/2020 granting motion to convert cases to chapter 7 (related document(s)336).

In Re: 19-01029-mew Blue Dog at 399 Inc. v. Seyfarth Shaw LLP et al 2020-10-30

Decision signed on 10/30/2020 granting in part, and denying in part, plaintiff's motion to amend its complaint (related document(s)65).