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The Southern District of New York offers a database of opinions for the years 2005 to the present, listed by year and judge. For a more detailed search, enter the keyword or case number in the search box above.

Written Opinion: Memorandum Decision and Order signed on 7/3/2008 Denying Motion for Reargument. (related document(s)[780], [781])

Written Opinion/Memorandum Decision and Order signed on 6/25/2008 Denying Motion to Toll the Time Period for Filing of a Complaint Seeking Modification of an Order of Confirmation (related document(s)[7834]).

Written Opinion/Decision and Order signed on 6/19/2008 Denying Motion for Allowance and Reimbursement of Fees and Expenses Pursuant to Section 503(b) of the Bankruptcy Code (related document(s)[7819]).

Memorandum of Decision Signed on 6/3/2008 Regarding Motion for Summary Judgment (related document(s)[9], [16])

Memorandum of Decision Signed on 5/29/2008 Regarding Claim Number 8769 Filed by Charles Dean (related document(s)[7507])

Memorandum and Order Signed on 5/28/2008 Regarding Claim 9716 Filed by Marcia L. Atkins (related document(s)[7814])

Memorandum of Opinion Signed on 5/22/2008 Regarding Claim Filed by Kevin Waltzer (related document(s)[10], [8], [16], [9])

Chief Judge Martin Glenn

Written Opinion signed on 6/25/2008 Overruling Objection to Confirmation of Debtor's Chapter 13 Plan. (related document(s)[7])

Written Opinion Signed on 6/16/2008 Denying Motion to Approve Post-Petition Financing. (related document(s)[7])

Judge Cecelia G. Morris

Memorandum Decision signed on 6/5/2008 on order directing secured creditor and foreclosure referee to appear and show cause why they should not be liable for violation of the automatic stay and why post-petition foreclosure sale should not be vacated(related document(s)[13]).