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The Southern District of New York offers a database of opinions for the years 2005 to the present, listed by year and judge. For a more detailed search, enter the keyword or case number in the search box above.

Memorandum of Opinion Signed on 9/5/2008 Regarding: Claim Number 3995 Filed by General Foods Credit Corporation (related document(s)[7820])

Written Opinion/Memorandum Decision signed on 8/26/2008 Granting Motion of HRH Construction, LLC for Partial Summary Judgment (related document(s)[10]).

Memorandum of Decision and Order Signed on 8/25/2008 Regarding: Claim No. 6335 Filed by Craig S. Friday (related document(s)[7808])

Post-Trial Memorandum of Opinion Signed on 8/5/2008.

Decision and Order signed on 8/4/2008, Granting Claims Objection (related document(s)[7837])

Decision and Order on Implementation of Prior Decision signed on 7/31/2008.

Chief Judge Martin Glenn

Written Opinion signed on 8/18/2008 Denying Final Application but Granting Interim Application for Allowance of Fees and Disbursements. (related document(s)[82], [58])

Written Opinion Signed on 8/13/2008 Regarding Discovery From Saxon Mortgage Services and Wells Fargo Bank.

Memorandum Opinion and Order signed on 8/7/2008 dismissing this chapter 13 case (related document(s)[10], [19]).

Judge Cecelia G. Morris

Memorandum Decision and Order Expunging Claim of Americredit Financial Services, Inc. and Overruling Objection to Confirmation of Chapter 13 Plan signed on 8/13/2008.