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Judge Wiles Opinions

In Re: 17-10744-mew Scandia Seafood (New York), Inc. 2017-05-12

Bench Decision signed on 5/12/2017 Denying Motion by The New Jersey Assignee For The Benefit of Creditors To Dismiss the Involuntary Petition (related document(s)27, 39).

In Re: 14-02245-mew Stillwater Liquidating LLC v. Net Five at Palm Pointe, LLC et al 2017-05-10

Opinion signed on 5/10/2017 on motion for order compelling document production and imposing sanctions (related document(s)329).

In Re: 17-01029-mew SubCulture, LLC v. Rogers Investments, A Nevada Limited Partnership e 2017-05-10

Bench Decision signed on 05/10/2017 Regarding Plaintiff's Application for Temporary Restraining Order and Defendant's Request for Abstention (related document(s)15, 14, 3).

In Re: 17-01008-mew Onewoo Corporation et al v. Hampshire Brands, Inc. et al 2017-04-06

Bench Decision signed on 4/6/2017 regarding motions to transfer venue of adversary proceeding or to remand it to District Court (related document(s)2, 15).

In Re: 15-11989-mew Relativity Fashion, LLC 2017-03-22

memorandum Opinion signed on 3/22/2017 regarding motion for awards of attorneys' fees and expenses against Netflix, Inc. (related document(s)1963).