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Judge Wiles Opinions

In Re: 15-11989-mew Relativity Fashion, LLC 2018-06-07

memorandum Decision signed on 6/7/2018 concerning the motion by Ryan C. Kavanaugh to enforce the release and injunction provisions of the confirmed plan of reorganization (related document(s)2296).

In Re: 17-12899-mew Hans Futterman 2018-05-09

Bench Decision signed on 5/9/2018 regarding motion to appoint chapter 11 trustee, motions regarding confirmation of arbitration award and motion for appointment of an independent manager or receiver for certain entities (related document(s)139, 57).

In Re: 15-12139-mew Adam M. Beschloss 2018-05-08

Bench Decision signed on 5/8/2018 regarding motion to hold Bressler, Amery and Ross, PC and Angela Scafuri in contempt for violation of discharge injunction and for award of damages (related document(s)12).

In Re: 16-01075-mew Baez v. VL Funding LLC et al 2017-12-22

Memorandum Opinion signed on 12/22/2017 regarding plaintiff's motion in limine (related document(s)33, 34).

In Re: 17-01021-mew Jil Mazer-Marino, Chapter 7 Trustee v. Levi 2017-12-11

Memorandum Opinion signed on 12/11/2017 Regarding Chapter 7 Trustee's Action Objecting to the Debtor's Discharge (related document(s)1). Pursuant to11 U.S.C. §§ 727(a)(2) and 727(a)(4)(A), Levi is not entitled to a discharge of his debts.