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Judge Lane Opinions

In Re: 11-15463-shl AMR Corporation 2014-10-09

BENCH RULING: Modified Bench Ruling As To Both (I) Gary Bryant And (II) Lawrence M. Meadows. (related document(s)11840, 11941)

In Re: 11-10372-shl MSR Resort Golf Course LLC and MS Resorts Liquidating Trustee, LLC as Liquidating 2014-08-07

Memorandum Of Decision Signed On 8/7/2014, Re: Cross Motions For Summary Judgment By MSR Resort Golf Course LLC And The Conlon Group Arizona, LLC. (related document(s)1750, 1753)

In Re: 11-15463-shl AMR Corporation 2014-08-05

Memorandum Of Decision And Order Signed On 8/5/2014, Denying Application Seeking Compensation For Substantial Contribution Under Section 503(b)(3)(D) Of The Bankruptcy Code. (related document(s)11702)

In Re: 13-13591-shl Metro Affiliates, Inc. and Liquidating Trustee of the Metro Affiliates Liquid 2014-07-31

Written Opinion signed on 7/31/2014. Memorandum of Decision Denying Debtors' Fourth & Eighth Omnibus Objection to Certain Proofs of Claim for Employee Severance & Deferred Compensation. (related document(s)1210, 1215)

In Re: 14-11108-shl Genco Shipping & Trading Limited 2014-07-02

Memorandum Opinion On Confirmation Issues Signed On 7/2/2014. (related document(s)15, 223, 278, 264, 262, 14)