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Judge Lane Opinions

In Re: 16-11275-shl Aeropostale, Inc. 2016-08-26

[PUBLIC VERSION] MEMORANDUM OF DECISION UNDER SEAL: Memorandum Of Decision Signed On 8/26/2016, Regarding Debtor's Motion For An Order (I) Disqualifying Sycamore Partners And Its Affiliates From Credit Bidding; (2) Equitably Subordinating Claims; And (3) Recharacterizing Claim. (related document(s) 496 , 723 ) (Ebanks, Liza) Modified on 8/26/2016

In Re: 14-08253-shl Gordon-Oliver, as Chapter 7 Trustee of the Estate v. Wiesner Products Inc. et al 2016-07-05

Memorandum Decision And Order Signed On 7/5/2016, Granting In Part And Denying In Part Motion To Enforce Order Approving Settlement Agreement And To Enjoin Further Litigation. (related document(s)29)

In Re: 16-10429-shl Republic Airways Holdings Inc. 2016-05-04

[REDACTED VERSION] MODIFIED BENCH RULING UNDER SEAL: Modified Bench Ruling Under Seal On Debtors' Motions To (I) Assume Codeshare And Related Agreements, As Amended, With Delta Air Lines, Inc., Lease Certain Property Of The Estate, And Settle Claims Between Delta Air Lines, Inc. And The Debtors, And (II) Authorize DIP Financing. (related document(s)244, 501, 246, 507, 506) (Ebanks, Liza) Modified on 5/4/2016

In Re: 11-15463-shl AMR Corporation 2016-04-14

Memorandum Decision Signed On 4/14/2016, Re: Motion Of Debtors Pursuant To Sections 524 And 1141 Of The Bankruptcy Code To Enforce The Plan And The Confirmation Order Against Lawrence M. Meadows. (related document(s)12587)

In Re: 13-01098-shl Trilliant Funding, Inc., as Plan Administrator of v. Marengere 2016-04-14

Memorandum Of Decision Granting Motion To Dismiss Signed On 4/14/2016. (related document(s)15)