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Judge Lane Opinions

In Re: 13-13591-shl Metro Affiliates, Inc. and Robert Hirsh 2016-02-03

BENCH RULING: Modified Bench Ruling On Motions Filed By Kathleen McCarthy To Reject Stipulation And Memorandum Of Understanding Between Liberty Insurance And The Liquidating Trustee And Motion For An Order To Clarify The Confirmed Plan. (related document(s)1540, 1814)

In Re: 13-01334-shl Perez v. TerreStar Corporation 2016-01-15

Memorandum Of Decision And Order Signed On 1/15/2016, Denying Aldo Ismael Perez's Motion For Reconsideration. (related document(s)41)

In Re: 12-01054-shl Binder et al v. SE Opportunity Fund, LP et al 2015-12-22

Memorandum Opinion And Order Regarding Damages Signed On 12/22/2015.

In Re: 14-12608-shl Everton Aloysius Sterling 2015-12-22

Memorandum Opinion And Order Signed On 12/22/2015, Regarding 1279 St. John's Place, LLC's Motion To Lift The Automatic Stay; And Debtor's Motion For Injunctive Relief. (related document(s)40, 42)

In Re: 14-11524-shl 8 West 58th Street Hospitality, LLC 2015-12-21

Memorandum Of Decision And Order Signed On 12/21/2015, Denying Be My Guest LLC's Motion To Allow For Limited Relief From The Order; And Granting In Part Debtor's Motion To Compel. (related document(s)76, 68)