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Judge Glenn Opinions

In Re: 16-12854-mg Inversora Electrica de Buenos Aires S.A. 2016-11-23

Memorandum Opinion Signed on 11/23/2016 Recognizing Foreign Main Proceeding and Granting Relief. (related document(s)5)

In Re: 16-01029-mg INVEST VEGAS, LLC et al v. 21ST MORTGAGE CORPORATION et al 2016-11-10

Memorandum Opinion and Order, signed on 11/10/2016, Denying Defendant's Motion for Reconsideration. (related document(s)81, 77, 80)

In Re: 12-12020-mg Residential Capital, LLC 2016-11-07

Memorandum Opinion and Order, signed on 11/7/2016, Sustaining the Rescap Borrower Claims Trust's Remaining Objection to Claim No. 3759 Filed by Frank Reed. (related document(s)9598, 7017, 10116, 7246, 10043)

In Re: 12-10299-mg Ener1, Inc. 2016-10-20

Memorandum Opinion and Order, signed on 10/20/2016, Sustaining in Part and Overruling in Part Objection to Creditor's Proof of Claim and Sustaining Debtor's Defense of Recoupment.

In Re: 09-01375-mg Edward S. Weisfelner, as Litigation Trustee of the v. The Legal Representative of the Estate of Richard 2016-10-19

Memorandum Opinion and Order, signed on 10/19/2016, Overruling in Part and Sustaining in Part the Access Defendants' Hearsay Objections to Certain Email Exhibits. (related document(s)851, 850)