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Judge Glenn Opinions

In Re: 22-11340-mg Wythe Berry Fee Owner LLC 2023-03-13

Memorandum Opinion, Signed on 3/13/2023, Granting the use of Cash Collateral. (related document(s)72)

In Re: 22-10964-mg Celsius Network LLC 2023-03-09

Memorandum Opinion signed on 3/9/2023, Regarding Which Debtor Entities Have Liability for Customer Claims Under the Terms of Use. (related document(s)1747)

In Re: 22-11651-mg Sameh H. Aknouk, Dental Services, P.C. 2023-03-03

Memorandum Opinion and Order Signed on 3/3/2023 Denying the United States Trustee's Motion for Appointment of a Patient Care Ombudsman Under 11 U.S.C. §§ 101(27A) and 333. (related document(s)33)

In Re: 22-01152-mg O'Toole, Esq., solely in her capacity as the v. Otway et al 2023-02-06

Memorandum Opinion and Order, Signed on 2/6/2023, Granting the Trustee's Motion for Summary Judgment and Motion to Dismiss the Defendants Counterclaims. (related document(s)17, 19)

In Re: 22-11340-mg Wythe Berry Fee Owner LLC 2023-02-06

Memorandum Opinion, Signed on 2/6/2023, Denying Zelig Weiss' Motion to Dismiss the Involuntary Petition. (related document(s)12)