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Judge Drain Opinions

In Re: 99-08600-rdd ROBERT L. GELTZER, as Successor Chapter 7 Trustee v. Bloom et al 2009-04-16

CORRECTED Memorandum of Decision of Chapter 7 Trustee's Claims Against Defendants Leonard Edelson and Westchester Lace Corporation signed on 3/31/2009 (related document(s)[79]).

In Re: 05-44481-rdd Delphi Corporation 2009-03-10

Modified Bench Ruling on Debtors' Salaried OPEB Termination Motion signed on 3/10/2009 (related document(s)[14705], [16380]).

In Re: 05-44481-rdd Delphi Corporation 2009-01-20

[CORRECTED] Memorandum of Decision signed on 1/20/2009 (related document(s) [14664] regarding Motion Under Bankruptcy Rule 9006(b) (1) (related document(s)[14424], [13535], [14390], [12686], [13077]).

In Re: 06-12226-rdd Coudert Brothers LLP 2007-11-21

Memorandum of Decision on Motion by Almaty Metro-Municipal Corporation (Kazakhstan), Almaty Metro-Municipal Corporation (U.S.), and Intercontinental Commerce Corporation to Compel Abandonment of Property by the Debtor In Possession signed on 11/21/2007 (related document(s)[474]).

In Re: 05-44481-rdd Delphi Corporation 2007-11-07

Written Opinion: Memorandum of Decision and Order signed on 11/7/2007 Establishing Amount of Joseph Reno's Allowed Claim (Number 9956). (related document(s)[8713], [8456])