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Judge Drain Opinions

In Re: 08-01215-rdd Retired Partners of Coudert Brothers Trust v. Deltour et al 2010-07-14

Order signed on 7/14/2010 Granting Motions to Dismiss and Dismissing Second Amended Complaint (Related Doc # 43 ), (Related Doc # 49 ), (Related Doc # 53 ), (Related Doc # 46,47,20,19,18).

In Re: 07-01717-rdd Silverman v. Central Equities Credit Corp. et al 2010-05-07

Written Opinion and Memorandum of Decision signed on 5/7/2010. RE: Central Equities Credit Corp.'s Postpetition Interest Claim.

In Re: 05-44481-rdd DPH Holdings Corp., et al. 2010-04-15

Order signed on 4/14/2010 Disallowing and Expunging Proofs of Claim Filed by the IAM, the IBEW, and the IUOE.

In Re: 06-22306-rdd Bayou Group, LLC 2010-04-05

Written Opinion: Memorandum of Decision signed on 4/5/2010 on Motion of Unofficial Creditors Committee of the Bayou OnShore Funds Re: Administrative Expenses (related document(s)[1166]).

In Re: 06-10152-rdd G+G Retail, Inc. and LWABI, Inc. (f/k/a G+G Retail, Inc.) 2010-02-25

Written Opinion signed on 2/24/2010 Re.: Memorandum of Decision on Motion to Enforce Sale Order. (related document(s)[236])