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Judge Morris Opinions

In Re: 05-30090-cgm Lisa Stallings 2005-05-24

Memorandum Decision signed on 5/24/2005 Overruling Objections to Motions for Relief From The Automatic Stay.

In Re: 04-03192-cgm Devon Mobile Communications Liquidating Trust v. Adelphia Communications Corporation 2005-05-20

Written Opinion signed on 5/20/2005. Re: Memorandum Decision on Defendants' Motion for Reconsideration.

In Re: 05-35118-cgm Will Herring 2005-04-25

Written Opinion and Order DENYING Motion to Reopen Ch.13 Case signed on 4/25/2005.

In Re: 03-07114-cgm Valois et al v. Rossitto 2005-04-08

Written Opinion signed on 4/8/2005.Re: Memorandum Decision After Trial.

In Re: 02-07212-cgm Catanzaro v. Alvaro 2005-04-05

Written Opinion signed on 4/5/2005. Re: Memorandum Decision on Standing.