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Judge Glenn Opinions

In Re: 19-01071-mg Yao v. Kao 2020-02-06

Memorandum Opinion, Signed on 2/6/2020, Granting Plaintiff's Motion for Summary Judgment. (related document(s)29, 13, 27, 28, 24, 14, 10)

In Re: 19-12821-mg 5th Street Parking LLC 2020-01-24

Memorandum Opinion, Signed on 1/24/2020, Granting USC 1994 Madison LLC's Motion (I) to Lift the Automatic Stay Pursuant to 11 U.S.C. Section 362(d)(3) and (II) for In Rem Relief Pursuant to 11 U.S.C. Section 362(d)(4). (related document(s)11)

In Re: 18-10164-mg Shameka Watson 2020-01-23

Memorandum Opinion and Order, Signed on 1/23/2020, Denying Debtor's Motion to Prohibit Eviction Under Section 525's Non-Discrimination Provision for Nonpayment of Prepetition Discharged Rent and Lifting the Stay. (related document(s)10)

In Re: 16-11078-mg Lupatech S.A. 2020-01-10

Memorandum Opinion signed on 1/10/2020 Granting Final Relief and Ordering that the Cases be Closed on the Terms Provided in the Accompanying Order (related document(s)46, 52)

In Re: 18-01547-mg Lebenthal Holdings, LLC v. South Street Securities Holdings Inc. 2019-11-27

Memorandum Opinion signed on 11/27/2019 After Trial Finding That South Street's Termination of the MIPA was Timely and Therefore Not A Breach Of The MIPA.