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The Southern District of New York offers a database of opinions for the years 2005 to the present, listed by year and judge. For a more detailed search, enter the keyword or case number in the search box above.

Judge James L. Garrity, Jr.

Memorandum Decision and Order signed on 12/11/2020 Denying Plaintiff-Debtor's Omnibus Motion and The Additional Discovery Requests. (related document(s)311, 278, 294, 309)

Memorandum Decision and Order signed on 11/30/2020 Granting Plan Administrator's Sixth Omnibus Motion to Enforce the Plan Injunction and Confirmation Order as it relates to Gautam and Panthobi Sharma. (related document(s)2656)

Memorandum Decision and Order signed on 11/5/2020 Denying Application of Cole Schotz P.C., as Former Counsel for the Ad Hoc Committee of Equity Holders, for Allowance of an Administrative Expense Claim Pursuant to 11 U.S.C. §§ 503(B)(3)(D) and 503(B)(4) for Counsels Services Incurred in Making a Substantial Contribution in these Cases and Request for a Waiver of Certain Requirements of Local Bankruptcy Rule 2016-1. (related document(s)740)

Judge Michael E. Wiles

Decision signed on 12/4/2020 (I) Granting Motion to Reopen the Chapter 11 Case of Eastman Kodak Company, (II) Denying Motion to Enjoin Certain State Court Proceedings Against Ridge Construction Corporation, and (III) Directing that the Case be Re-Closed (related document(s)6732, 6731).

Bench Decision signed on 11/20/2020 granting motion to convert cases to chapter 7 (related document(s)336).

Decision signed on 10/30/2020 granting in part, and denying in part, plaintiff's motion to amend its complaint (related document(s)65).

Decision signed on 10/28/2020 regarding claim for prejudgment interest on default judgment (related document(s)1).

Judge Martin Glenn

Memorandum Opinion and Order, Signed on 12/4/2020, Denying Debtors' Amended Application to Employ Cushner & Associates, P.C., as Debtors' Attorneys. (related document(s)28)

Judge Stuart M. Bernstein

Written Opinion Signed On 11/2/2020. Re: Memorandum Decision Granting Motion To Dismiss The Amended Complaint (related document(s)20, 19)

Judge Robert D. Drain

Modified Bench Ruling signed on 10/30/2020 RE: Application to Retain Evercore Group LLC. as the Debtors' Investment Banker & Financial Advisor.