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Judge Martin Glenn

Memorandum Opinion and Order, signed on 7/31/2014, Denying Motion to Lift the Automatic Stay and Permit a Late-Filed Claim of Jorge Cerron. (related document(s)7054, 7201, 7071, 7126, 7163, 7034, 7098, 6863, 7068, 6860)

Memorandum Opinion and Order, signed on 7/24/2014, Sustaining in Part and Overruling in Part Objection to Proof of Claim 386. (related document(s)6893, 7203, 7205, 7118, 6763, 7112, 6834)

Judge Stuart M. Bernstein

So Ordered Written Opinion Signed On 7/30/2014. Re: Memorandum Decision And Order Denying PlaintiffsMotion For A Writ Of Habeas Corpus Ad Testificandum.

Judge Robert E. Gerber

Written Opinion signed on 7/30/2014 Re: Decision with Respect to No Stay Pleading (Phaneuf Plaintiffs)(related document(s)12712, 12724).

Judge Allan L. Gropper (Ret.)

Decision signed on 7/29/2014 RE: objections to claims 7 and 8 (related document(s)33, 34).

Memorandum Decision and Order signed on 7/24/2014 denying motion to dismiss case or, alternatively, to lift the automatic stay (related document(s)12).

Memorandum Decision and Order signed on 7/21/2014 denying motion for an emergency stay (related document(s)5).

Chief Judge Cecelia G. Morris

Memorandum Decision And Proposed Findings Of Fact And Conclusions Of Law Granting The Parkstone Defendants' Motion To Dismiss The Complaint signed on 7/29/2014.

Judge Shelley C. Chapman

Memorandum Decision Overruling Debtors' Objection to CMBS Claims and Denying Request for Subordination Pursuant to Sections 510(a)-(c) of the Bankruptcy Code signed on 7/28/2014. (related document(s)44779, 36882)

Judge Robert D. Drain

Modified Bench Ruling Signed on 7/22/2014 on Motion to Dismiss or to Strike Class Allegations (related document(s)10).