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The Southern District of New York offers a database of opinions for the years 2005 to the present, listed by year and judge. For a more detailed search, enter the keyword or case number in the search box above.

Judge Martin Glenn

Written Opinion signed on 7/28/2009 (I) Granting Debtors' Second Emergency Motion to Amend the Bidding Procedures Order and Designate HHI Holdings, LLC as Staling Horse Bidder and (II) Denying Debtors' Motion to Construe First Bidding Procedures Order to Reflect Amendments to Asset Purchase Agreement With RHJI. (related document(s)[349], [504])

Written Opinion Signed On 7/28/2009 Re: Approving The Debtor's Chapter 13 Plan, (related document(s)[10], [14]).

Judge Allan L. Gropper (Ret.)

Memorandum of Decision Signed on 7/28/2009 Regarding Plaintiff's Motion to Remand

(Amended) Memorandum of Decision Signed on 7/28/2009 (related document(s)[4])

Written Opinion So Ordered on 7/21/2009 Denying Motion Filed by Shareholder Philip P. Kalodner Regarding Court Order Dated 7/7/2009 Confirming the Debtors' Amended Joint Chapter 11 Plan (related document(s)[555])

Written Opinion/Memorandum of Opinion signed on 7/20/2009.(related document(s)[1655], [1661])

Judge Stuart M. Bernstein

Memorandum Decision signed on 7/27/2009 Granting Trustee's Motion to Approve Settlement. (related document(s)[23])

Memorandum Decision And Order signed on 7/23/2009 Denying Debtors Motion For Reargument. (related document(s)[67]).

Judge Robert D. Drain

Order Granting Motion to Disallow Claim #239 and/or Dismiss Statek Corporation's Amended Complaint signed on 7/21/2009 (related document(s) 1207 , 1153 ).

Chief Judge Cecelia G. Morris

Decision And Order Granting Defendant's Motion For Summary Judgement And Dismissing Case signed on 7/16/2009.