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The Southern District of New York offers a database of opinions for the years 2005 to the present, listed by year and judge. For a more detailed search, enter the keyword or case number in the search box above.

Judge Robert E. Gerber

Decision on Motions by Ad Hac Committee of Arahova Noteholders to Appoint Trustee or Nonstatutory Fiduciary; to Disqualify Counsel; and to Terminate Exclusivity signed on 1/23/2006. (related document(s)[8856], [8857], [8855])

Judge Stuart M. Bernstein

Memorandum Decision Denying Motion for Injunctive Relief signed on 1/24/2006. (related document(s)[84])

Judge Robert D. Drain

Written Opinion, signed 1/20/2006: Memorandum of Decision on Official Committee's Motion for an Order Regarding Access to Information Under 11 U.S.C. Sec. 1102(b)(3)(A).

Written Opinion/Decision signed on 1/19/2006 Granting Motion to Dismiss Claims Filed by Jannette Hughes, Lance Schubert, J. Marcel Enterprises, J. Marcel De Mexico and J. Marcel Enterprises of Yuma Pursuant to Rule 12(b)(6) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (related document(s)[4296], [2775], [4310], [2133], [4245]).

Errata Order signed on 1/13/2006. RE: Written Opinion/Findings of Fact and Conclusion of Law signed on 1/11/2006 (related document(s)[13]).

Written Opinion/Extract of Bench Ruling signed on 1/12/2006 Disallowing Amended Claims (related document(s)[4155], [4135]).

Written Opinion/Memorandum Decision and Order signed on 1/12/2006 Granting Motion to Remand (related document(s)[2], [1]).

Written Opinion/Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law signed on 1/11/2006 (related document(s)[1], [5], [6], [12]).

Judge Allan L. Gropper (Ret.)

Memorandum of Opinion and Order Signed on 1/12/2006 Denying Motion Filed by Steven D. Gladstone, Margaret A. Swift and Stephen Guardascione for an Order Granting Relief From the Automatic Stay (related document(s)[1341])

Memorandum of Opinion on Motions to Intervene Signed on 1/10/2006