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Judge Morris Opinions

In Re: 06-35218-cgm Frank Lamberti 2006-08-16

Order and Memorandum Decision on Rok-Built Construction , Inc.\'s Motion for Reconsideration signed on 8/16/2006.

In Re: 06-35347-cgm Debra A. Murphy 2006-07-24

Written Opinion signed on 7/21/2006 Re: Request Pursuant to 11 U.S.C. Section 362(j) for an Order Confirming that the Automatic Stay has Terminated.

In Re: 05-55048-cgm Lena M. Elmendorf 2006-07-18

Memorandum Opinion on Various Motions to Dismiss Chapter 13 Cases for Cause Pursuant to 11 U.S.C. Sec.109(h)(1), 521(a) and (b) and 707(a) signed on 7/18/2006.

In Re: 05-39032-cgm Pasquale De Giorgio 2006-07-14

Memorandum Decision and Order on Motion of Andrew Bartok for Recusal signed on 7/14/2006.

In Re: 05-09045-cgm Banner v. Cohen, Estis and Associates 2006-07-07

Written Opinion signed on 7/7/2006 1. Denying all fees to Cohen, Estis and Associates, LLP, 2. Disgorging Retainer subject to further determination by the Court and 3. Sustaining Ruling on Motion For Reconsideration.