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Judge Morris Opinions

In Re: 05-38083-cgm Yevgenia Shockome 2006-05-11

Written Opinion signed on 5/11/2006. Memorandum Decision and Order on Debtor's Request For Stay pending Appeal. Request for stay DENIED.

Re: 05-38353-cgm Jennifer C Quackenbush 2006-04-06

Written Opinion/Memorandum Decision on Objection by Ch.7 Trustee to Debtor's Claim of Exemption signed on 4/5/2006.

In Re: 05-09005-cgm Banner v. Gibney-Campbell et al 2006-03-29

Written Opinion/Memorandum Decision Denying Motions for Summary Judgment and Limiting Issues at Trial signed on 3/28/2006.

In Re: 05-09043-cgm Empire Bonding Agency v. Lopes 2006-03-21

Written Opinion/Memorandum Decision regarding dischargeability of debt signed on 3/21/2006.

In Re: 04-03192-cgm Devon Mobile Communications Liquidating Trust v. Adelphia Communications Corporation 2006-03-06

Written Opinion/Memorandum Decision on Devon Mobile Communications Liquidating Trust's Motion for Summary Judgment and Adephia Communications Corps. Motion for Summary Judgment signed on 3/6/2006.