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Judge Lane Opinions

In Re: 13-01392-shl Fjord et al v. AMR Corporation et al 2018-12-10

Order Signed On 12/10/2018, Regarding Plaintiffs' Request To Supplement Dr. Lundgren's Expert Report. (related document(s)178)

In Re: 18-10524-shl Vincent P. D'Arata 2018-08-03

Memorandum Decision Regarding The Disgorgement Of Attorneys Fees Signed On 8/3/2018. (related document(s)13, 21)

In Re: 16-11791-shl Oi S.A. - em recuperacao judicial and Ojas N. Shah 2018-07-09

Decision Signed On 7/9/2018, Granting Foreign Representative's Motion To Enforce Brazilian Reorganization Plan And Grant Related Relief. (related document(s)277)

In Re: 13-01283-shl Krakowski et al v. American Airlines, Inc. et al 2018-06-12

Memorandum Of Decision Signed On 6/12/2018, Regarding Defendants' Motions For Summary Judgment And Plaintiffs' Motion To Amend The Complaint. (related document(s)114, 112, 111, 134, 113)

In Re: 17-11266-shl B.C.I. Finances Pty Limited (in Liquidation) 2018-04-24

Memorandum Of Decision Signed On 4/24/2018, Re: Recognition Petition (related document(s)16, 9)