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Judge Glenn Opinions

In Re: 07-11448-mg The 1031 Tax Group, LLC 2007-08-13

Written Opinion Signed on 8/13/2007 Denying Motion for Appointment of Chapter 11 Trustee or, in the Alternative, Conversion of the Case to a Case Under Chapter 7. (related document(s)[106])

In Re: 07-11103-mg Salvador E. Rosillo 2007-07-31

Written Opinion Signed on 7/31/2007 Denying Debtor's Motion to Reopen his Chapter 7 Case and Convert to Chapter 13.

In Re: 06-01294-mg Lubit v. Chase 2007-07-31

Written Opinion, signed on 7/31/2007, Imposing Sanctions Against Michael D. Assaf, Esq.

In Re: 07-11448-mg The 1031 Tax Group, LLC and Investment Exchange Group, LLC 2007-07-17

Written Opinion Signed on 7/17/2007 Conditionally Granting Debtors Motion for Entry of an Order Approving Consulting and Services Agreement Between the Debtors and Edward G. Moran LLC. (related document(s)[276])