Judge Glenn Opinions

In Re: 11-10614-mg Borders Group, Inc. 2011-08-23

Written Opinion signed on 8/23/2011 (I) Overruling Objection of the United States Trustee and (II) Granting in Part and Denying in Part First Interim Application of Mercer (US) Inc. as Compensation Consultant to the Debtors and Debtors in Possession for the Period From February 16, 2011 through April 30, 2011. (related document(s)[1532], [1043])

In Re: 09-13636-mg Arcade Publishing, Inc. 2011-08-09

Written Opinion signed on 8/9/2011 Sustaining Debtor's Objection to Claim No. 62 Filed by Steven K. Hodel. (related document(s)[179])

In Re: 09-11047-scc Mac Truong 2011-07-15

Memorandum Opinion and Order signed on 7/15/2011 Denying Debtor's Motion to Reopen His Dismissed Chapter 13 Case.

In Re: 11-12646-mg EB Capital Management LLC 2011-07-14

Written Opinion signed on 7/14/2011 Granting United States Trustee's Motion to Transfer Chapter 11 Case to the Bankruptcy Court for the District of South Dakota. (Related Document no. [10])

In Re: 11-01445-mg Wenzel v. Partsearch Technologies, Inc. 2011-06-21

Written Opinion signed on 6/21/2011 Approving Settlement Agreement Between Defendants and Settlement Class on a Final Basis. (related document(s)[19])