Judge Glenn Opinions

In Re: 11-10614-mg Borders Group, Inc. and Borders Group, Inc. 2011-04-27

Written Opinion signed on 4/27/2011 Granting the Debtor's Motion for Authorization to Implement an Employee Incentive Program and Employee Retention Program. (related document(s)[457])

In Re: 10-03763-mg Chase Bank U.S.A., N.A. et al v. Vanarthos 2011-03-07

Written Opinion signed on 3/7/2011 Denying Defendant's Motion to Dismiss. (related document(s)[11])

In Re: 09-17121-mg New York City Off-Track Betting Corporation 2011-01-25

Written Opinion signed on 1/25/2011 Granting the Debtor's Motion to Dismiss Chapter 9 Case and Denying District Council 37, Local 2012's Motion to Appoint a Trustee. (related document(s)[247], [242])

In Re: 10-10018-mg Mesa Air Group, Inc. 2011-01-20

Written Opinion signed on 1/20/2011 Overruling Objection to Confirmation of BF Claims Holdings I, LLC.. (related document(s)[1437], [1358])

In Re: 10-13965-mg John Varacchi 2010-12-09

Written Opinion signed on 12/9/2010 Denying Retention of (1) Pick & Zabicki LLP as Counsel to Each of the Debtors; (2) Edward Weissman, Esq. as Special Counsel to Debtors John Varacchi and George Donohue; and Peter A. Morales, CPA, PC as Accountant to JMK Construction Group, Ltd. and Jacob M. Kopf.. (related document(s)[17], [23])