Judge Glenn Opinions

In Re: 09-01218-mg Gerard A. McHale, Jr., not individually but solely v. Citibank, N.A. 2009-12-03

Written Opinion signed on 12/3/2009 Granting Motion to Dismiss With Leave to Amend. (related document(s)[9], [8])

In Re: 09-01151-mg OfFicial Committee of Unsecured Creditors v. Bay Harbour Master Ltd. et al 2009-11-24

Opinion and Order Signed on 11/24/2009 Granting the Defendants' Motions to Dismiss in Part with Prejudice, in Part with Leave to Amend.

In Re: 09-11061-mg FRGR Managing Member LLC 2009-11-16

Written Opinion and Order Signed on 11/16/2009 Granting Motion of U.S. Trustee Converting Case to a Case Under Chapter 7. (related document(s)[60])

In Re: 09-13874-mg Southampton Yen Restaurant Group, LLC 2009-11-16

Written Opinion signed on 11/16/2009 Denying Debtor's Motion to Extend Time to Assume or Reject Nonresidential Lease and Granting Landlord's Motion to Lift the Automatic Stay. (related document(s)[34])

In Re: 09-11047-mg Mac Truong 2009-09-03

Written Opinion Signed On 9/3/2009 Re: Dismissing This Chapter 13 Case And Enjoining The Debtor, His Wife, And Entity Acting On Their Behalf, From Filing Without Prior Court Approval, (I) Any Matters Against Certain Parties, And (II)Any Future Bankruptcy Petition,(related document(s)[29], [32], [35], [34], [33]).