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Judge Drain Opinions

In Re: 94-08469-rdd Milligan et al v. Hetra Computer & Communication Industries, Inc. et 2011-08-09

Modified and Corrected Bench Ruling on Emcore Group, Inc.'s Motion for Summary Judgment signed on 8/8/2011 (related document(s)[290]).

In Re:10-08200-rdd Kurland et al v. MERS et al 2011-08-01

Order signed on 8/1/2011 Denying Plaintiffs' Motion for Summary Judgment (Related Docs # 9,33).

In Re: 97-44958-rdd Indu Craft Inc. 2011-07-01

Modified Bench Ruling signed on 7/1/2011 re: Motion by Trendi Sportswear, Inc. and Motion by Tze Wung Consultants (related document(s)[194], [209]).

In Re: 09-22822-rdd Veronica Daniels 2011-05-23

Order signed on 5/23/2011 Denying Motion to Allow Claims (Related Doc # 50,51) .

In Re: 09-08266-rdd Robert L. Geltzer, as Chapter 11 Trustee for MacMe v. Mooney et al 2011-04-26

Memorandum of Decision on Defendants' Motion for Summary Judgment signed on 4/21/2011 (related document(s)[41]).