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Judge Bernstein Opinions

In Re: 16-11700-smb Gawker Media, LLC 2017-08-21

Written Opinion Signed On 8/21/2017. Re: Memorandum Decision Regarding Stage One Issues (related document(s)396, 397)

In Re: 16-11390-smb Breitburn Energy Partners LP, et al., 2017-08-18

Memorandum Decision And Order Signed On 8/18/2017 Re: Expunging And Disallowing The Cooley Claims,(related document(s)904, 16, 820, 906, 13, 1178, 1354).

In Re: 16-10992-smb SunEdison, Inc., et al., 2017-08-07

Written Opinion Signed On 8/7/2017. So Ordered Memorandum Decision And Order Overruling Shareholder Objections To Confirmation Of The Debtors Joint Plan (related document(s)3735)

In Re: 08-01789-smb Securities Investor Protection Corporation v. Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities, LLC. et a 2017-07-19

Written Opinion Signed On 7/19/2017. Re: Order Withdrawing May 4, 2017 Memorandum Decision Denying Request To Certify Judgment For Direct Appeal To The United States Court Of Appeals For The Second Circuit (11-2760)

In Re: 17-01053-smb Core Litigation Trust v. Apollo Global Management L.L.C., et al 2017-07-17

Written Opinion Signed On 7/17/2017. Re: Memorandum Decision Granting Motion For Remand Based On Mandatory Abstention (related document(s)7, 6, 8)