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Judge Bernstein Opinions

In Re: 02-15749-smb Asia Global Crossing Ltd. 2005-06-28

Written Opinion signed on 6/28/2005 granting in part and denying in part cross-motions for summary judgment. (related document(s)[605], [604], [607], [606])

In Re: 04-04434-smb Winick & Rich, P.C. a/k/a Winick & Rich, Jeffrey N v. Strada Design Associates, Inc., Strada Design of P 2005-06-10

Written Opinion and Order signed on 6/10/2005 By The Honorable Stuart M. Bernstein Granting Plaintiffs' Motion For Summary Judgment and Denying Debtors' Cross-Motion For Summary Judgment. (related document(s)[16], [12])

In Re: 02-15749-smb Asia Global Crossing Ltd. 2005-05-27

Written Opinion signed on 5/25/2005 expunging avoidance claims contained in post-bar date amended proof of claim.

In Re: 01-12974-smb Teligent, Inc. and Reorganized Teligent 2005-05-18

Written Opinion And Order Signed on 5/18/2005 Granting Motion To Compel Interim Accounting And Denying Sanctions. (related document(s)[2203])

In Re: 01-15472-smb Best Payphones, Inc. 2005-04-21

Written Opinion signed on 4/21/2005 RE: Memorandum Opinion Awarding Legal Fees and Expenses to The Manhattan Telecommunications Corporation.