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Judge Bernstein Opinions

In Re: 17-10089-smb Avaya Inc. 2020-02-10

So Ordered Written Opinion Signed On 2/10/2020. Re: Memorandum Decision And Order Regarding Claimants Motion For Reconsideration.

In Re: 08-01789-smb Securities Investor Protection Corporation v. Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities, LLC. et a 2020-01-23

Written Opinion Signed On 1/23/2020. Re: Memorandum Decision Denying Motion For Leave To File Second Amended Complaint (10-5355)

In Re: 18-01873-smb Sama v. Mullaney et al 2020-01-17

Written Opinion Signed On 1/17/2020. Re: Memorandum Decision Granting In Part And Denying In Part Defendants Motions To Dismiss (related document(s)19, 29, 31, 20, 23, 26, 27)

In Re: 16-01033-smb Ien v. TransCare Corporation et al 2020-01-10

Written Opinion Signed On 1/10/2020. Re: Memorandum Decision And Order Granting In Part And Denying In Part Plaintiffs Motion For Partial Summary Judgment (related document(s)100, 140, 129, 128, 123)

In Re: 19-01086-smb Pentagon Federal Credit Union v. Fernandez Tineo 2019-11-26

Written Opinion Signed On 11/26/2019. Re: Post-Trial Findings Of Fact And Conclusions Of Law