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Judge Wiles Opinions

In Re: 15-01415-mew Stage Presence Incorporated et al v. Geneve International Corp. et al 2016-06-24

Memorandum Decision signed on 6/24/2016 Granting Permission to Reopen Previously Entered Judgment Based on Newly Discovered Evidence (related document(s)16, 1, 19). The Complaint in this case, and the parties submissions with respect to the motion to dismiss, are deemed to be a motion, pursuant to Rule 60(b)(2), to reopen the judgment entered in the prior adversary proceeding (AP number 12-01561). The newly discovered evidence resulted in fraud allegations that are different from those that were alleged prior to entry of the judgment. The standard to reopen a judgment based upon a pleading deficiency on the grounds of newly discovered evidence has been met. The motion to dismiss on grounds of res judicata is therefore denied, and the motion for sanctions is also denied.

In Re: 15-11989-mew Relativity Fashion, LLC 2016-06-01

Corrected Bench Decision signed on 6/1/2016 regarding Reorganized Debtors' plan enforcement motion and related motions (related document(s)1932).

In Re: 15-11989-mew Relativity Fashion, LLC 2016-02-18

Memorandum Opinion signed on 2/18/2016 regarding Michael A. Norton's claims (related document(s)1192, 1266).

In Re: 14-02052-mew Dominion Financial Corporation v. Haimil Realty Corp. et al 2016-02-16

Written Opinion after Trial signed on 2/16/2016 (related document(s)1).

In Re: 15-10616-mew Daebo International Shipping Co., Ltd. and Chang-Jung Kim, the custodian and foreign represen 2016-02-04

Decision signed on 2/4/2016 granting motion for stay pending appeal (related document(s)83, 86).