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Judge Morris Opinions

In Re: 11-38122-cgm Patrisha S. Osborne and George R. Osborne 2013-03-14

Memorandum Decision Denying Debtors' Motion to Vacate Discharge signed on 3/14/2013.

In Re: 12-09072-cgm Messer, As Trustee of the FKF Trust v. GMR, LLC et al 2013-03-13

Memorandum Decision Granting Default Judgments signed on 3/13/2013.

In Re: 12-36728-cgm Dynegy Inc. and Dynegy Holdings, LLC 2013-02-15

Memorandum Decision Signed on 2/15/2013 Denying Debtor's Motion to Enforce the Confirmation Order.

In Re: 12-36868-cgm Central Park Estates, LLC 2013-01-16

Memorandum Decision signed on 1/16/2013 dismissing involutary petition nunc pro tunc and declaring it void ab initio.

In Re: 10-37574-cgm Raymond E. Locascio 2012-11-05

Memorandum Decision Denying Motion to Reopen Case signed on 11/5/2012.