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Judge Morris Opinions

In Re: 19-22201-cgm Michael Ginn 2023-09-18

Memorandum Decision DENYING Motion to Modify and GRANTING Motion to Dismiss signed on 9/18/2023. (related document(s)128, 143)

In Re: 22-35581-cgm Shannon E. Harris 2023-07-27

Memorandum Decision DENYING Debtor's Motion to Avoid Lien signed on 7/27/2023. (related document(s)29)

In Re: 23-22041-cgm Susan S Ruffalo 2023-07-27

Memorandum Decision Denying a Request to Reopen a Bankruptcy Case signed on 7/27/2023. (related document(s)57, 56)

In Re: 23-10697-cgm Francisco Procel 2023-07-25

Memorandum Decision Altering a Prior Judgment signed on 7/25/2023. (related document(s)32, 17)

In Re: 12-01697-cgm Irving H. Picard, Trustee for the Substantively Co v. Platinum All Weather Fund Limited et al 2023-06-12

Memorandum decision denying defendant's motion to dismiss signed on 6/12/2023.