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Judge Glenn Opinions

In Re: 09-50026-mg Motors Liquidation Company 2018-04-13

Memorandum Opinion and Order, Signed on 4/13/2018, Granting General Motors LLC's Motion to Enforce Sale Order With Respect to Pat Bombard. (related document(s)14253, 14269, 14243, 14268, 14255)

In Re: 17-12072-mg Al Iman Plaza LLC 2018-04-10

Memorandum Opinion and Order signed on 4/10/2018 Granting Re: Application for Compensation for Broker for Sale of Real Property (Related Doc 81)for Maltz Auctions, Inc. d/b/a Maltz Auctions , fees awarded: $215,000.00, expense awarded: $0.00 . (Ho, Amanda) Modified on 4/10/2018.

In Re: 18-10458-mg Patrick Willcocks and Avanti Communications Group plc 2018-04-09

Memorandum Opinion, Signed on 4/9/2018, Granting Recognition of Foreign Main Proceeding and Enforcement of Scheme of Arrangement. (related document(s)2, 15)

In Re: 11-15842-mg Lui J Kim 2018-03-28

Memorandum Opinion and Order, Signed on 3/28/2018, Directing the Release of Funds in the Court Registry to 1204 Broadway. (related document(s)125)

In Re: 18-10077-mg Mildred Deli Grocery, Inc. 2018-02-28

Memorandum Opinion and Order signed on 2/28/2018 Granting Motion of FLSA Creditors to Life the Automatic Stay (related document(s)7, 6).