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Judge Glenn Opinions

In Re: 08-14016-mg Elizabeth Jane Hess 2009-05-06

Written Opinion signed on 5/6/2009 Granted Motions to Disallow Claims 3,4, 7. (related document(s)[28], [26])

In Re: 09-10314-mg Atlas Shipping A/S 2009-04-27

Written Opinion signed on 4/27/2009 Granting Foreign Representative's Motion for Additional Relief. (related document(s)[2], [8], [22], [7])

In Re: 09-11701-mg Silicon Graphics, Inc. 2009-04-24

Written Opinion signed on 4/24/2009 Granting in Part and Denying in Part Debtors' Motion to Seal Certain Information. (related document(s)[118], [55] and [65])

In Re: 09-10796-mg Beverly Clark Griggsby 2009-04-17

Written Opinion signed on 4/17/2009 Sustaining Objection to Notice of Compliance and Granting Lift-Stay Motion. (related document(s)[7], [11], [13], [16])

In Re: 08-11689-mg Michael D Carlin 2009-02-10

Memorandum Decision And Order Signed On 2/10/2009 Denying Re: Debtor's Motion To Disallow Claims #4 And #9, (related document(s)[18]).