News & Announcements: 2014-10

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Recall of Connecticut Bankruptcy Judge Alan H.W. Shiff

The current term of office of Judge Alan H.W. Shiff, United States Bankruptcy Judge for the District of Connecticut, is due to expire on March 19, 2015. The Judicial Council of the Second Circuit is considering recalling Judge Shiff to another two-year term of office and has determined that he appears to merit recall reappointment subject to public notice and opportunity for public comment.

ATTENTION: duplicate charges on 9/16

On Tuesday, September 16, 2014, some filing fees paid through were inadvertently charged twice for a single transaction. Upon detection of the error, steps were immediately taken to correct and reverse these transactions. If you incurred an overdraft fee or any related charges due to this error, please contact the Customer Support line at 1-800-624-1373 to be reimbursed for those costs.